Jay Muhlin


As book spreads-  

Kid is a multi-media installation exploring how images are mediated through intimate relationships. Featuring kinetic elements, tactile photographs, and scent, the exhibit considers how photography offers the very building blocks of our current physical and social world. Set in the wilds of NJ suburbia, the artist shares images that document his

relationship with a young girl who he is helping raise to underscore the fragility and sweetness within everyday rituals. Kid is Muhlin's final member show with Vox Populi which builds upon and concludes his previous series of exhibitions/book output, including Guilty Pleasures and Sleeve On My Heart.

Kid is something i can offer her, like a cat offering a mouse. Sometimes sad songs have happy lyrics, but sometimes happy songs have sad lyrics. The images are made to be felt as much as they are seen.


Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia PA